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Monday, 8 April 2013

I can't believe that i haven't managed to blog all weekend, I have been away from home and away from my pc I have attempted to blog from my blackberry but the network connection was really poor and it took me ages to even draft a sentence.. i have been reading ana blogs on my RSS feed and tips and diets so i have been consumed by the pro ana propaganda

anyways the restricting is going really well so far , i am now into my second week. last week i made sure i consumed around 1000 cals per day but this week i am going to drop them down to 500 cals and up the exercise. I am going to add a 10k run to the ' every other day' that i haven't been running them so basically 10k everyday  and include a little more exercise and weights for my legs and hips. my upper body is looking nice and toned. i bought a new top from H&M on saturday and it was a UK size 8 which i was so delighted with.

i have weighed in and I am not any lighter on the scales but I know this is due to be toning up .. my muscles are obvious so i know the weight comes from them. over the next few weeks i'm hoping that my new found muscle will start to burn more calories for me and eat away at this fat.

in my relationship i am an emotional wreck , I cry and lash out  at the boy most of the time I blame him for almost everything shitty in my life but he loves me enough just to take ..  thats a story to share with my therapist laters.

im going to throw together my packed lunch of 500 cals and get myself to where i need to be.
i will be back later to update you with todays stats , gossip , whatever ...

thanks be to all of you for being so inspirational


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