fat is most definitely a feeling, thin is the ultimate skill ...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

happy days.. delighted with the weigh in this morning. as i said i went out raving on sunday nyt. satyd up until yesterday aftrnoon - wth some help from my friend xtc. absolutely luved it. anyways when i woke up this morning feelin xtra thin - bad headache but who cares. i stod on the scales feelin extra proud of my self as i realised i had lost 3lbs (10st 6lbs). in one nyt - awesome. iv practically FAST again today 3 cherry tomatoes a leaf of lettuce , 3 chucks of celery and a tiny hand ful of sweet corn ( my eyes looked very dark this morning thought i needed some nurishment )i really really really want to go running tonight but i got my period this afternoon. doubled over with cramps - aaaaaaw i hate it. QUESTION - Hmmmmmmm i wonder how long it will be before my periods stop ???

Anywhooooos girlies im guna go read some blogs ...

Take care lovelys Xx

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Okaaaay so yesterday was a fantastic day for me FAST FAST FAST total cal intake 0. im going to fast again today. i have a busy night tonight i m going raving with some friends. 5 hours of non stop movement - music to my ears. i am excited about my weigh in tomorrow already.

monster migrane today - omg i have woken up with the worst migrane ever. i planned to go running this morning but the sunshine outside is enough to cause blindness , im sure. I couldnt possibly go outside :( Instead crunch crunch crunch - weights weights weights . I have read somewhere that your exercise should vary day-day. if your body gets used to a certain movement rather than burning that fat it will actualy build your muscle. example if you were to run the same track everyday your body gets used to it and your legs begin to tone and your muscle starts to build up however if you ran one day , weights another , swim another your body will burn the fat in your body - and there you have it- one step closer ...

anyway ladies - i hope everything is well with you gorgeous girlies. id love to hear from you.

Think Thin Xx

Saturday, 23 May 2009

i have been on here most of the day - i love you guys. you have succesfully helped me to avoid food so far today. i feel great. i am going to take a shower and neet up with my best friend (shes mia). we're going to take a long walk around the lake and tak about our obession. i absolutely love the fact that i have somebody so close to me that can relate- i will be back soon. keep up the good work darlings Xx

Think Thin Xx
sum much needed thinspo !!!

apologies firstly ... how dare i not write for how many days !! this was supposed to be a new start for me. unfortunately for me (big bitch slap) i let that asehole back into my life - the last time. i can honestly say that i want nothing to do with him. hes detroyed me. grind me down to a state of pure desperation. he minupulated me . he turned me into a person i didnt want to be. could i do anything about it ?? yes !! i hate myself for it. ENOUGH now. Time to be strong - time to take control - time to get back to whats important in my life - ME Xx

Sunday, 3 May 2009

hi all.. okay so you may have noticed that iv been missing for a week or so. moved in wit my boyf. big mistake !! altho i have lost 6lbs already i have not been as strict as i proberly should. small in take of cals however no hardcore exercising. well thats all about to change. my relationship with my boyf has broken down. we are officially OVER !! absolutely devasted but i thik this may be the motivation i need. i am going to concentrate on me me me .. thin thin thin. as despressed as i am at the moment i know i cpuld go either way.. big fat emotional over-eater or a discipline pro ana .. i know which im going to choose. im having a night in wit my girlfriend tonight. NO FOOD juuust drinks. few glasses of vino that i will definately be running off tomorrow. i am excited about the days o follow. im guna give it my all.... hope all is wel with everybody . Keep up the ood ork girlies Xx