fat is most definitely a feeling, thin is the ultimate skill ...

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hurrah for another great day of calorie counting and exercise yesterday.. eating clean and cardio through and through the hunger pagnes are back and i must admit it feels so dam good. consumed less that 978 calories and burned 2223kcal a deficit of 1245 so again nearly half way to 1lb ..

I might even weigh in today for an actual starting a weight I think I can estimate what I am but I think a definite will encourage me to work harder.. its all very well estimating but once I know the actual weight I know I will feel ashamed , making me extra determined.

Gym again tonight .. I missed out on my 10k run last night which I have been doing every other day for approximately 3 weeks I literally ran out of time . I did a boot camp and a weight session and I looked at the time and I had to go catch my bus. 

It feels great getting back into old habits , I really do feel amazing .. I'm looking forward to seeing myself shrink again over time .. i know i can do it , I've done it before plus i'm in therapy for my other issues I have designated time to deal with those not letting them effect my routine .. that shit stays in the clinic freeing me of time and energy ..

I hope you girls are staying strong and keeping motivated..

I'll be back soon Xx