fat is most definitely a feeling, thin is the ultimate skill ...

Monday, 9 November 2009

the weekend has been a good en.. server depression equals loss of appetite ,gigantic spots have me so self conscious i chose not to go out cancelling social gathering's and party nyts - avoiding my friends like the plague. i know this week i have lost lbs and i am kissing my own ass with glee ( ha ! literally ) i know that my weightloss is obvious to those that have not seen me for a while - i cant deal with the commotion , and i hate having to feel bad cos iv lost weight - inside im fuucking screaming ' ner ner fucking ner ' - ' iv done it iv done it iv lost a couple more lbs' . to the girls i have to pretend like i don't want to be losing the weight and that i am eating and that this is just a phase - i keep blaming the ex but to be honest i don't like the fact that he gets the credit ha - they all think its his fault !! how dare he steal my thunder - ITS MY FAULT - IV DONE THIS - THIS IS MY GOAL !!!

im getting closer to my goal- iv updated my stats again cos its shifting baaaaby :)

if any body is reading me iwouldlove to hear what you think about my next rant ??? iv been thinking for a while about my hair- i keep getting it cut shorter & shorter cos i thought it made me look slimmer - i thought if i defined my check bones and let my skinny neck show i would undoubtedly look more petite - now i not so sure... i don't know if long wavy locks are the answer - keira knightly did the short hair - victoria beckham too, they have both acheived what i thought i would but honstly im starting to feel less & less attractive - not only am i fat - but UGLY too. WTF thats enough to send me over board - im not mentally stable at the best of times and if my hair hair gets any shorter ill end up doing a britney !!!! arrrrrgh cant deal:(

hmmmm ..... you think ??? long short - short long ???

Thin Lizzies - keep up the goodwork