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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I am currently slapping on layer and layer of fake tan .. the more pale my skin , the more disgusting i look, the more imperfections are apparent on my skin. I have been insane the past couple of days. 

Yesterday i took a road trip across country with the boys family . (the boy is now in an open jail , open but still not free) we drove from manchester to boston UK 3hrs for a family day visit. i over slept in the morning and didn't have the chance to pack my low calorie lunch so i had to eat chicken paste sandwiches that were provided by his mother and packets of low cal crisps wotsits and quavers. I was squashed in the backseat with his niece and nephew who were crawling all over the seats , arranging and re arranging themselves. seat belt on seat belt off . shoes off shoes on . desperate to get out of the car i was screaming inside. Sticking fingers all over my phone, snotty noses constantly needing a tissue or baby wipe i could feel my skin crawling. 

We arrived at the visitors centre and were greeted with tea and coffee there were no snacks of any kind and I was thankful because his family are most accommodating and they will literally force food down your throat if you refuse it. The day was going great , we had a chat and a cuddle and we joined in with the arts and crafts that were set up for the children , yesterdays theme was the hungry caterpillar.  I laughed as I turned to saturday and I was presented with the  menu for Saturday .. totally me on a weekend binge 

Anyways , the day was fun until they brought out the buffet which consisted of chicken nuggets , chicken drumsticks , chips , coleslaw and vegetable samosa completely in just , i never even anticipated dinner I shuddered as I was ordered to participate in the feast.. grease grease stodge yuk ! and with nowhere to vomit what the actual fuck .. my mood completely flipped and i became noticeably irritated I was annoying and sarcastic. is it okay that i write the day off ? and is it okay that i felt too sorry for myself not to even go for a run when i got home ? and is it okay that i have been a lazy bitch on my day off today ? i really hope so. 

Back into work tomorrow means i'm back into my routine back on the slimmer soup back in the gym ..I will keep you updated my lovelies .. 

think thin !!!!!!!!!!!! 



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