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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Amazing day yesterday, it was my first official day back on the count .. i managed a calorie deficit of 1400 half way to losing 1lb exciting times huh ? i consumed less than 1000 calories and i must say  found it pretty easy. I managed a decent work out in the gym , weights and cardio and I swear i can see muscle tone reappearing in my abs .. after one day I know !!

I am on the same little mission today but i have cut my food intake slightly , i noticed that a lot of my food was high in bad carbs, literally a packed lunch full of sugar - so gone are the breakfast biscuits I don't need you .

I am drinking so much herbal tea I am bursting for the toilet every 30mins , its great ! just think about all those toxins flushing out . i want to feel clean and empty inside. that reminds me I MUST stock up on some colon cleansing tablets I have used them in the past and they worked great so Holland & Barrett after work today.

I made a new friend at the gym last night too .. I say shes a friend I don't even know her name - I do know that she has a cute little dublin accent that I would swap with her in a heartbeat. We took the same class together last week and the same again last night, as I was leaving she asked ' are you coming to boot camp tomorrow ?? ' I took that as an invitation so I agreed and said I would meet her today. no exchange of numbers or BBM pins but we wore the same trainers so I took that as a sign.

I have a new calorie counter app on my phone now and since I have my phone practically glued to my palm I have no excuse for not logging my food correctly .. its a good way of logging my exercise too so i know exactly how hard i need to work for progress.

So in a nut shell i got this shit in check .. I look forward to updating this space soon.

Let me know what you girls are all up to ..


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