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Sunday, 6 November 2011

how i hate Sundays , a whole day wasted with the parent(s) force fed Sunday lunch and made to sit and slumber while i anxiously digest every filthy bit of grease that has been pumped into my body. i will refuse a lift home and walk the 5 miles in the bitter cold of  the Ye English November weather. I am aware that the hike will not melt away the calories that i have reluctantly consumed today but i supposed 5 miles is better than non ??

i love Mondays !! the start of a new week , a new plan . I am going to focus on fasting for as much of this week as possible. I will consume only liquids and of course a little sugar in my tea or coffee. I need a new packet of cigarettes that will be my only saviour. I will suck on the menthol stick when ever i feel the need to eat but to be perfectly honest i don't usually start puffing until later on in the evening . bed time is usually the worst time for me as i cant seem to relax either body or mind. the rush of nicotine will either make me feel so sick i will need to lay down and fall asleep in an attempt to stop the sickness or it will satisfy me in such a way that I will be able to drift away into a lovely sleep ( pah ! I'm being optimistic )

i will visit the doctor first thing in the morning to get my fortnightly dose of happy pills and also collect my recent blood test results , they are now considering a thyroid problem on top of everything.
else. apart from the doctors tomorrow you will only find me in the gym or the library ... or if its a really good day I'll be rattling in a hot shower listening to Adele 21 on repeat .. haaa !!

i hope all of you achieve your goals for tomorrow and the remainder of the week. i will check in as often as i can , my Internet is still not set up at home (not to self * can we please contact virgin media tomorrow and sort out the freeeeaking broadband)

good night , god bless  Xx

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