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Monday, 7 November 2011

i told you i would try and write as often as i can , totally impressed .

today has been a great day i had a bowl of shredded wheat this morning skimmed milk , lined my tummy while i knocked back my meds and off i trotted to GP. blood test came back fine, low on iron and folic acid as i suspected but apart from that my insides seem to be alright. no kidney or liver damage.

today (apart from breakfast) my body has been food free .. actually if you consider the laxtive that i ate this morning then even including my breakfast my body is STILL food free. I have had one milky coffee with sugar , i needed a little something after my session in the gym.

I have participated in a Zumba class today not really hardcore but to be honest some days when my bones are too heavy for me to run or swim or row i like to throw myself around and get my heart rate up being a complete lunatic , i have no co ordination what so ever but the hype of the loud music and the banging of feet on the gym floor gets my adrenaline pumping ! pumping ! so much so that i throw myself around frantically, bump into others , face beaming , hair stuck to my face , blistered tootsies , its grrrrreat haaa !!

I'm feeling completely empty at the moment and as dinner time is soon approaching I'm feeling anxious. I literally have no more house work that i can do to distract me. i even bought colouring books  ( guilty pleasure , guilty pleasure ) that i have completedfrom front to back. i dont want to visit any friends or family because there is a risk that i will break my fast , i mean i havent done one for a while and becuase this is my first day i feel vulnerable , at this stage it would be so easy for me ' to start again tomorrow '. I like it when i am 2 days in and then 3 days and nobody is going to convince me and no food could ever seduce me , thats when im at my best .. 

SOS ?? Ideas , Ideas Ideas !! Xx

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