fat is most definitely a feeling, thin is the ultimate skill ...

Monday, 31 October 2011

I've had the talk that me and my fat self needed to have this evening. i am starting again , i have lazed about too often and i am not happy and i am so unsettled in my average skin. i want more , i want the pain , i want the drive , i want the bones ..

I'm putting the past few months behind me , i am drawing a line , i will seek out new bloggers as it seems that some of the girls over time have disappeared . i am in need of some knew energy , some fresh ideas and new approaches , i am kicking my enormous ass into touch.

i am going to post regular and rad blogs. I am going to stay up most nights researching , collating my thinspo , over indulging in our pro ana world. i am going to consume diet pills , illegal substances when possible , gym , track , pool

tomorrow , tomorrow i love you tomorrow !! Xx


Sunshinechild said...

I'm glad you're back. I thought you were just gonna stop posting forever. I hope thing are looking up for you <3 Stay strong

... Love LA Xx said...

thank you , i wasnt sure that anybody was listening. it means a lot Xx