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Thursday, 13 May 2010

acai berries and colon cleanse ... I have just bought myself 4 months worth of each product. I have been researching slimming pills and this combo has been reviewed and apparently it really does work. I am on my second day already and am feeling possitive. The berry is found in the rain forest and has positive effects. Ist great for skin and skin its full of vitimins and minerals and helps with your digestive system. It speeds up you matabolism and surpresses appetiti at the same time. All natural and no real side effects. The colon cleanse is self explainary and works along side the berry and helps with you digestion with the intake of food you comsume. So with my new pills im feelin confident... With a helping of double spinning lessons . Bring it on !!!!

Today i have eaten 1 x pita laced with homous .. 1 piece water melon and an overdose of caffiene.. That'll do for today :) i have a night shift tonight at my second job so im going to be active right through til tmomorrow - starting again at my 1st job 9.00am. Stressed, overworked , and dosed up on slimming aids... These lbs must go !!!

My thinspo for today is Big Bro 7 Nicky Grahame. She has been in the papers recently as she has dropped form her ting 7st to a minature 5st 9lbs in a just 3 months ... I wish that my weight would plumet like that - its not fair !!!!!! xX

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