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Saturday, 6 June 2009

quick quick quick - i have to log on... iv just got home form work . desperate to get on here before i break out into a full ' of the rictor scale ' style BINGE !! tday iv have witnessed the majority of my work buddies stuff ' whopper ' after ' fries ' after ' milkshake ' after ' chicken bite ' after ' cheeseburger' etc etc into their big fat greedy mouths.. while i sat at my dest eating half a cup of warm custarrd off the smallest spoon in history. gaaaaawd am i hungry ..

not been on the scales today - having a fat day (ha no change there then) im up at my ma's for the evenin buuuut bonus. nobody is home. theyv gone away for the weekend. house to myself ... no big dinners to eat . Result !! iv had to get away from my house mate. driiiiving me insane. my eating is become an issue wit her . she comments religiously at the ammount of times she catches me in the mirror
top rolled , pants rolled down as far as possible, sucking in everything that i can . desperate to see bone-age !!

iv sent a letter today to that ex fella of mine - basically for my own peace of mind. i needed closure . everything has been left up in the air and i am drifting from day to day constantly wondering.at least now i know there is no going back , its not up to me anymore. definatley for the best . altho i do miss him and have constant ache in my heart im sure things will get better - i once heard time is a great healer - we'll see.

gorgeous tulip - i have emialed you * talk soon :)

i am going to catch up with all your blogs now .. my favourite part .

stay strong - think thin Xx

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