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Sunday, 7 June 2009

quest for perfection - i am shocked at the annoymous comment that somebody made on your page . its your life - people shouldnt judge others by their own standards. she is probly a fake herself. anyways - you abolutely kicked ass !!

so last night was a nightmare for me .. was so so so so hungry . i tried to keep busy most of the night. watching TV , reading , smokin , drinking cup after cup after cup of coffee. i eventually fell asleep bout 3.00am. i had succeeded, yesterday i consumed half cup of custard 108cals corn on the cob 100cals and a slice of pizza 110cals. i was feeling proud - i thought yesterday was going to be an UGLY day but i really contolled myself .. happy days.

alright - yesterday during my battle to keep busy. i took some fotos . i spent bout an hour in different positions in an attempt to get the best shot. i am going to up load a couple of pictures today . im very nervous because i am still FAT !!

i hope i dont disgust you dolls too much .. eeeeek Xx


... Love LA Xx said...

iv attempted to upload the pics however as im still up at my ma's they have a block on the computer for some nonsense reason. when i go hom etonight i will attempt to upload again ... Xx

misscellophane said...

your will powers so gr8. wish mine was the same, and you keep looking better and better.
ly Xx

... Love LA Xx said...

thanks for the comment hun .. my will power has been absolutely shit today - iv just crammed a full vanilla slice into my big fat gob ... disgustin :(

Much love thin-lings Xx