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Thursday, 10 November 2011

yesterday was a bad day , i slept through my alarm so i missed my placement i called in ten mins before i was about to start with some lame excuse about me having to cover a shift at my fake paid job that i have invented prior to my interview so that if for any reason i am unable to make it into college or placement i always have a valid excuse for my absence without it being repoted as sickness or unexplained  .. i know its cunning and totally not me but i have to suceed at this course its the step on the ladder , a foot in the door for my desired career.

i had friends come over last night that brought with them wine and goodies .. not so goody for me. i broke my fast .

i have bombed some diet pills today , mcds hot chocloate and a pack of wotsits (my baby nephews wotsits only 95 cals per bag) feeling anxious im at mamma's house she'll be home soon and insist on cooking me dinner , im going to set off home before she gets the chance.

no weigh ins this week , too scared i doubt i have lost much ..

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