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Thursday, 29 April 2010

its official - iv got acne !!!!

I went to visit the doctor yesterday to try and get something to help with skin. I was reluctant to go at first because i thought the doctor would notice that im undernurished and that the cause of the spots was down to my diet - or lack of it. To my horror she actually diagnosed mewith acne; although its not a serious case i do still have it. I thought that only teenagers got acne im in my fucking 20s - apparently it effects males during their teens however females usually get it early 20s . wTF !!! im a fat spotty fuck , as if i dont have enogh problems ????

Iv got double classes at the gym tnyt i need work my ass off. Iv put on a couple of lbs this week indulged way too muchchocolate and busicuits !!!!

I need to get my act together , get somw kind of routine in place. Im all over the place at the moment. I dont feel focused at all . I was doing well in previous weeks

/omebody help me !!!!!!!!! xx

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