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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Okaaaay so yesterday was a fantastic day for me FAST FAST FAST total cal intake 0. im going to fast again today. i have a busy night tonight i m going raving with some friends. 5 hours of non stop movement - music to my ears. i am excited about my weigh in tomorrow already.

monster migrane today - omg i have woken up with the worst migrane ever. i planned to go running this morning but the sunshine outside is enough to cause blindness , im sure. I couldnt possibly go outside :( Instead crunch crunch crunch - weights weights weights . I have read somewhere that your exercise should vary day-day. if your body gets used to a certain movement rather than burning that fat it will actualy build your muscle. example if you were to run the same track everyday your body gets used to it and your legs begin to tone and your muscle starts to build up however if you ran one day , weights another , swim another your body will burn the fat in your body - and there you have it- one step closer ...

anyway ladies - i hope everything is well with you gorgeous girlies. id love to hear from you.

Think Thin Xx

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