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Friday, 24 April 2009

okay so its thursday and i go into work . my collegue amy has noticed iv not been eating lunches. of course iv lied to her and said iv had breakfast & that i'l be having a big dinner when i get home in the evening . she has also comment onmy excerccise - as i am walkingv to wok every day. she has even mentioned ana to me ... what ???!!! i know !!! im guna have to start being careful now. if she can sniff me out in less than a week imagine my family. sooooooo on thurdsay i acheived

1) 4 mile walk
2) 1/2 hour trampolinin
3) 2 litres water
4) 200 crunches
5) food (devil) - 1/2 tin vegtable soup 71cals Xx

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