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Monday, 19 April 2010

well its 4.30pm and iv just indulged n a chicken n vegtable cupa soup. Im working til 8.00pm which im not too down about cos ill be busy right the way through. When i get home tonight i have nothng to binge on. I have purposely no food in my cupboards - i will go and sweat it out in the gym for an hour and then straight to bed so the soup that is sitting warm in my stomach is the only thing i will eat today. Yipee !!

I refuse to go to see my mother cos her house is filled with goodies i cant focuse on anything else while im there b, im sure the biscuits and chocolate bars that are stashed in the fridge intercept my brainwaves. I can here them calling my name ' eat me eat me ' they dont stop until im ripping through their wrappers cramming them in my mouth like the ganit i am.

I hope to weigh in this week so i am going to try my hardest - isolation is a MUST !!!!!!!! Xx

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